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What Our Guests Are Saying...


Excellent Walking Tour

Every time we travel we do a city walking tour and this had to be one of the best by far. Richard was a walking book of knowledge and we felt so educated on Key West after our tour with him. It was even more special because he is from KW and his family has ties to many of the families who inhabited some of the homes we saw along the way. Can’t wait to come back and do another tour with this group! Don’t hesitate! Book a Hidden Key West tour!

Michelle G.

Best Walking Tour Ever!
We have taken many walking tours in the US and abroad. This was by far our very favorite tour. Richard highlighted so many things of interest from history, to local culture, to food recommendations all with a personal touch. Don't hesitate to book this if you want to really understand Key West.
Steve M.

Great History Lesson

This was a terrific tour with a lot of history about Key West included. We also learned about the architecture of the area which was fascinating. Highly recommend this tour. Plenty of places to sit along the way so most level of walkers could join.

Lisa K.

A Most Informative Tour

Best walking tour of its type we've ever taken. Breadth of knowledge on the history and homes of Key West was remarkable, in part because our guide Richard is from Key West. He is intimately familiar with and conveys the personality of the town and its people in a charming first hand way. He knows of what he speaks! The walking aspect of the tour is easy with many stops along the way. Couldn't have asked for more.
Carl F.

FABULOUS Walking Tour - a Must Do!

This tour FAR exceed our expectations and was absolutely the highlight of our trip and set the tone for our vacation. Packed with super interesting info/stories. We did this on our first day and so glad we did. My husband and I are 31 and are not "tour" people and had a fabulous time. Thank you Richard!!!! Also, we went to most of his recommended restaurants and all were 10/10! Would be a shame to come to Key West and not do this tour.

S. Jacobs

Fascinating History

This event was wonderful! I enjoy history and was fascinated to learn about the closeness between Key West and Cuba back in the 1950’s. It never occurred to me that geography enabled that connection. The history of the families who were forerunners on the island was very interesting. The guide did a fantastic job.
Doris B.

Perfect Walking Tour Experience
We chose to do the Highlights and Culture of Key West Walking tour.  It was perfect for us. We like short walking tours, and this one was just the right size and pace for seeing major things of interest while learning about the history and culture of the town. The tour was two hours and followed an easy, well planned route a bit away from the major tourist area and deeper into a couple of bordering historic areas.  Great stories about the lighthouse, Hemingway, Bahama village, and even a couple of unusual trees we passed along the way.  My husband loves trees and the kapok tree was a highlight for him.  Enjoyed all of our stops, and it was perfect to end at the Southernmost Point House and buoy area and then be able to make our way back up Duval for some shopping.  Great tour and would definitely recommend it.
Chrissy P.,  Wisconsin

Fantastic. Our Favorite. Book today
We are traveling with our teenage daughters and we ALL enjoyed the tour and learned a lot.  We had visited the museums and iconic sights but nothing can compare to learning history from someone whose family who lived it.  Richard is entertaining and very knowledgeable about the human history of the island from early times until today, and he is an excellent story teller. We not only learned about architecture, we learned about the many wonderful characters who called this Island home.  Richard was kind and personable, and he made a point to include our teenagers.  As a bonus he shared information on the Flora and Fauna of Key West.  This is perhaps one of the safest things a family could do given all the COVID precautions.  We were outside, physically distanced at all times, and we all wore masks, and Richard never even touched his mask.  We could hear him perfectly because he used a small amplifier and microphone.  What a great idea! We have a 33 year old family remodeling business home in Tennessee and it was fascinating to learn how the houses here were built, what they were built of, and what sort of special maintenance and hurricane and fire precautions are taken.  When we shared that we are currently traveling the Great loop by boat, Richard wove in stories of his personal travels and stories from the sea in this area which made the tour even more special for us.  Don’t miss this opportunity. Book now. This is by far the best value and opportunity to explore with eyes of a local.

Joe S. and Family, Tennessee

A Great Way to Learn About Quirky Key West

We took the Highlights of Key West walking tour.  It was great.  We do walking tours in most of the places we visit because we like to be active and always enjoy learning about the local history, culture, and other aspects.  This was our first visit to Key West and we did the tour on our first day.  It was a good introduction to this quirky town. John was our guide and did a very good job sharing his passion and knowledge of Key West.   He obviously loves what he does and made the tour interesting, educational, and fun.  That is a hard balance to strike on some tours.  We took all of his advice on restaurants and were so glad we did.  We also appreciated the fact that they keep the tour groups small.  We had 6 people on our tour and that was a nice size for a walking tour. We enjoyed the tour so much that we ended up doing their Ghost Tour and the Historic Homes tour as well during our 8 days there. 

Mark S.,  Kansas

Just Book The Tour!
We took our real estate team to Key West for a team getaway and this is the first tour we took. It was, in my opinion, the best tour of the entire trip. Our guide was not only knowledgeable, funny, and a great host.  He and his family have been in Key West for generations which adds to the stories as a lot of them were about people he knows personally.  If you are a home and architecture geek like I am, you will love their Historic Homes tour.
Blake L.,  Missouri

Bravo, Bravo! A fascinating introduction to the history of this island paradise!

Attended this tour on the recommendation of a random cafe owner. So glad I signed up- this tour brought a new level of interest to the sights I have been seeing here in Key West.  It truly is a richly layered place with so much history you will never appreciate on your own.  The best parts, like everywhere else, lie in the nooks and crannies where the real meat is.  Get to the bone. Take this tour- it is well worth your time, cobbles together many “must see” sights and brings them to life beyond a simple photo snap. But you’ll also appreciate learning about the exotic trees and plants that you’ll likely not see at home. To my surprise, this was one of my favorite “memories” of my time in Key West.
Steve P., Michigan

Easy, Fun, Informative

We had a great time doing the walking tour of the highlights, stories, and history of Key West.  The guide, Richard, was engaging, entertaining, and extremely knowledgeable.  His large wooden walking stick- shaped and painted like a flamingo and named Oliver – was a fun touch and made Richard easy to find.  We were a group of 4 and there were 6 other people on the tour for a total of 10.  It was a good group and we have found on other tours over the years how important that is. Key West is nice and flat for easy walking, and we even summited the great Solaris Hill at a whopping 18feet above sea level! We truly enjoyed all the stories, and it was fun to stop for coconut water from actual coconuts at the little card along the street- very refreshing on a hot day.  This was our first visit to Key West, and we thought the whole history about the Conch Republic and their “attempted at secession” was fun- especially when our Richard pulled out his actual Conch Republic Passport to show us and took time to explain the symbolism of the flag.  Ending the tour at the beautiful Victorian Mansion which is the Southernmost House was great.  Richard introduced us to Michael the owner and we enjoyed some wonderful cocktails in that beautiful setting.  Would highly recommend this tour.  Not too overly structured and rigid– but nicely balanced- just right.
Walter and Deb N.,  Maryland

A MUST- Preferably at the beginning of your journey to maximize overall experience
My husband and I were very lucky to have booked this at the beginning of our trip or we would have missed out on so much that Key West has to offer. Our guide grew up in Key West and was either 3rd or 4th generation so he knew all of the secrets that you would otherwise miss out on even going to all the museums. Everything from historic homes to ghosts and haunted houses to the best restaurants in town, we covered it all and learned more in that very personable tour than we learned from the rest of the trip combined. Thanks!
Jana H.,  Illinois

Stellar Way to See Key West and Learn the History

The historical sights tour was stellar.  It started by the Key West Customs Building Museum and was very, very well organized.  It is about a two hour guided walking tour and began at 9:30 in the morning.  They said the start time can vary depending on the day of the week.  There was a 3pm tour as well, but we wanted something to build up our lunch appetite.  Our tour guide was named John, and he was really great. John took us around the old city and thoroughly explained the history of Key West over the years. He also pointed out other places that he thought we might like to explore in more detail such as the Truman Little White House and the Hemingway House.  My family and I really enjoyed the tour, and it was a great way to explore the center of Key West.
Paula G.,  Connecticut


Highly Recommended,  Very Friendly and Interesting

There is so much interesting history about Key West, this was a great way to learn it and get a feel for the vibe of the island. I traveled solo to Key West and took this tour right when I got there.  The guide was very personable, and I felt completely included and met some other folks, too. Highly recommendable.
Karen D.,  Wisconsin

Ghosts, Scary Stories, History, and Fun

We did the Ghosts and Legends Tour of Key West.  Kelly was our guide. Most of the tour is spent walking to unique haunted places, listening to ghost stories, and learning some of the darker history about the island, which is what I like in a Ghost Tour. The walking itself is easy and at a leisurely pace with several good stops to listen to the guide and check out the area. I have done other ghost tours in Key West and this was better by far due to the stories, smaller group size, and the guide. Whether you are a believer or not (I'm still undecided, haha),  Overall, this guide made it interesting and fun. It was not too scary, but just scary enough and interesting. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have about an hour and a half of fun learning about the ghosts of Key West!
Julie L.,  Rhode Island

A Fantastic Orientation to Key West
We learned SOO much.  John gave us a fantastic history, just enough detail, during our trip down memory lane as we headed from north to south on Key West. I highly recommend this tour on your first day to get acclimated and to choose the places you wish to visit in follow up. He always made it interesting, told some great stories. Some of his points were about importation of plants, major historical points, and interesting little anecdotes like "why are the porch ceilings all blue?". These are things you'll never learn without massive research, but having the interesting points shared was super valuable. We went back to the Hemingway house and the Audubon house. Never would have done the second without hearing about the history of it. Well worth the time!
Laurie H.,  Massachusetts

Great Guide, Great Recommendations

We just returned from a wonderful trip to Key West which we felt would not be complete without a Highlights Walking Tour. We always do a walking tour at the start of our trip wherever we visit so that we can get our bearings and know more about the place so we can enjoy it more.  Also, we find that the walking tour guides always have good recommendations on other activities, restaurants, locals’ places and the like. There were several walking tours to choose from, but let me tell you- this is the best of the three tours we took on this trip! You don't want to ride a silly trolley and listen to the droning of someone over an intercom - you want to walk the streets and see all the little spots on foot with someone that is knowledgeable of the history and legends of the town, that person is Richard.  Richard takes you to all the great spots and tells the stories with enthusiasm and detail. I highly recommend this tour- plus they keep it to groups of 10 or under which made it a heck of a more pleasant experience than the trolley or some of the other tours we saw happening during our vacation.
Sarah and Alex N.,  Texas

Key West is Loaded with Beautiful Historic Homes- This is a great overview of them.

We are in Key West every year, and doing one of the walking tours is one of our favorite things to do. There is so much interesting history on the island, and this is a fun way to learn a bit about it. This year, we did the historic homes and architecture tour which was a very unique and educational experience for anyone who enjoys the history and architecture of old homes. Our guide, John, was energetic and fun, and even took us to the harbor afterward to help us find a place for shopping and a late lunch.  John, you are a gem of a guide!
Caitlyn and Roger E.,  New Jersey


Exceptional Private Tour Experience and Great Guide

We’ve done a lot of walking tours in our lives and this was one of the best, most informative, and well-presented tours we have been on.  We booked this as a private tour for just me, my wife, and two friends of ours that we always travel with.  It was worth every penny and then some.  The guide, Richard, was fun and extremely knowledgeable.  He obviously knew his stuff and could talk off the cuff about any matter of topics for the history and many sights we saw on our tour.   Since it was a private tour, Richard was great about being flexible and adjusting the itinerary along the way.  When my wife mentioned that we loved the conch salad we had tried in the Bahamas, Richard suggested we pop into a local grocery store owned by a couple of Bahamian descendants who were friends of his.  He assured us their freshly made conch salad was among the best, and he was absolutely right.  It was a very warm day.  So, we also stopped for beers at the Green Parrot Bar and then at his suggestion we bought frozen custard at a great little place across the street.  Perfect stops for a private tour on a hot day.  Then at the end of the tour we visited the Southernmost Hotel Mansion, such a beautiful place and we tried conch fritters, coconut shrimp and the best margaritas.  Richard was treated like a celebrity there by the owner and staff, and we enjoyed meeting everyone and relaxing before heading back up Duval Street. So, what started off as a simply history and sightseeing walk sort of morphed into a fantastic food tour as well.  It was a great afternoon.  
Carl, Susan, Bobby, and Leigh, Connecticut

Take this tour!  You won't be disappointed.

Everyone needs to take this tour. Richard was our guide. He was really knowledgeable, not just about historic facts as part of the tour but on Key West in general. The tour covered some great content, in some very interesting parts of Key West, and we thoroughly enjoyed the tour. The stories about why Key West is called the Conch Republic and seeing Richard’s Actual Conch Republic Passport all made for a fun and interesting tour. Other highlights included the stories about the lighthouse keepers, the interesting architectural features on the homes, and learning about some of the unusual trees we passed along the way.  Winding up at the Southernmost Buoy and then finding out it is actually not the southernmost point of the continental USA was interesting.  Loved the Southernmost House Hotel Mansion- so beautiful and a great place to end the tour with a mojito!
Marlene S. and Chuck C.  Maryland

Outstanding Tour

Outstanding, great fun. A must do in Key west, We really enjoyed our tour with Richard who was a great guide and fun. Lots of things to see and experience. The walk was very easy and time flew by. I thought it would be boring but very glad my wife talked me into it. The tour itself was great, but we loved the location for the wrap up at the end. The conch fritters and the cocktails we enjoyed at the end of the tour at Southernmost Mansion Hotel and the overall setting were beautiful on a sunny, near-perfect day.
Jake W.,  Pennsylvania

Just the right balance of ghosts and scary

We chose this ghost tour because they limit the group to 10 people plus the guide.  We had previously done another ghost tour in Key West last year and it had well over 20 people on it- several of whom were very drunk and really spoiled the experience.  So, having a small group was important to us.  We expected an entertaining outing about the ghosts of Key West but didn't expect the great deal of historically interesting information too. Our tour guide was well suited to this tour.  We met our tour guide, Kelly, at the mile marker “0” to begin the tour along with a few other couples. There were 8 of us plus Kelly.  She was very knowledgeable and interactive with the group. We would DEFINITELY recommend this tour to friends that come down to Key West. 
Marcia H.,  Minnesota

Friendly, Knowledgeable, and Fun Tour

Friendly and educational. Richard and “Oliver the flamingo” provided an excellent tour of the architecture and historic homes of Key West. He was extremely knowledgeable about the history of Key West and the sights we saw. The pace of the tour was easy and we saw a lot of historical sights and beautiful homes in the historic neighborhoods.  I would definitely recommend this tour if you like historic homes and interesting stories about them.
Carlos J.,  Florida

Taylor was the Perfect Guide for our Family

Our group of 6 (ages 18-58) thoroughly enjoyed our highlights of Key West walking tour with Taylor, who kept us engaged and entertained with story after story about the Conch Republic. I'd been to Key West several times before, but we’ve never experienced the island like this. Taylor made the history and the characters (famous and infamous) come alive and was a wealth of knowledge about the island's past and present. She showed us secret spots as well as shared her insider recommendations for what to see, eat, and experience during our visit. Highly, highly recommended this tour!
Monique A.,  Maryland


Wonderful Tour

Thank you SO much for sharing your expertise with us!  It was outstanding!!  Your love for your city and your life's chosen occupation is so very evident in your presentation. You're a gem!  And thanks for the pictures!  We hardly ever do (worthwhile) selfies. Our best to you.
Pam M.,  Georgia


See the Spooky Side of Key West

Anyone visiting Key West should book this walking tour. This ghost tour is better than other ones because it is only done after dark and it is kept to very small groups.  Not sure I would want to take a ghost tour when it’s daylight?  Also, we passed another ghost tour group by a different company and there were a ton of people on it.  Richard, our guide, said some of the other companies can take up to 30 people which is why some of them charge less.  That seems to run counter to the atmosphere one seeks on a “haunted” tour at night.  Our smaller group seemed a lot more intimate and better for telling ghost stories!  Make sure you have your comfy shoes and drink in hand. You will walk the beautiful streets of Key West and stop at amazing historical spots. Make sure your camera or phones are charged. Pictures are really worth a thousand words. Never know what may find you or appear. It is not hocus pocus, so approach with an open mind and appreciate the spirits of Key West. Especially at the Theatre where we had the weirdest experience. Would recommend anyone visiting Key West, who is interested in ghosts and history to do this tour!
Kelly R.,  Michigan

Excellent small group tour- felt like a private tour 

My partner and I were searching for a good walking tour in Key West while we were on vacation. We found 3 similar tours, but decided to choose Key West Highlights tour with these fine folks. Our tour guide was Richard. We made the right decision by choosing this tour. We got a semi-private tour since there were only the 6 of us.  Richard was very knowledgeable of the history and also the stories of Key West and every place we stopped at. The tour was about 2 hours and ended at the Southernmost House Hotel.  That was the perfect place to end the tour because we had lunch right on the water and the best mojito we’ve ever had. We would recommend this tour to anyone looking for a pleasant and informative overview of Key West. Thanks again Richard for the great tour. You are GREAT!

Mike P.,  North Carolina

Fun and Delicious

Fun tour! Fantastic Information! Great food too! This is the perfect way to spend a few hours in Key West. The history that our guide shared with us was fascinating! Thanks to John for a really neat experience.
Barry and Pat T.,  Michigan

A great way to learn about Key West

Richard was super knowledgeable about the history of Key West from its cigar and piracy days, to current-day sights and scene. This is a 2 hour tour that goes so quick because it is full of information and provides a fun way to explore and learn a lot about Key West. We do these tours in many cities and comparably this is a top notch tour and tour-guide.  Best thing is they keep the groups small.  I believe their policy is 10 or less.  That makes this a much better want to be in a real tour and not struggle to hear and ask questions like you do in larger group tours.  
Fatima L.,  Virginia


Highlights of Key West Tour
Our guide was outstanding. He was a local who told colorful stories of the island’s history along with amusing personal tales.  Fantastic Tour.
Don B.,  Florida

One of the best ghost and history tours we've done

My husband and I booked their ghost and legends tour online after reading the reviews online that the walking tour is much neater than the bus toured one. I'm a professional Psychic/Medium. I have been on many ghost tours, and it was refreshing to have such an informed guide. You knew that they had done the research necessary to give the REAL info about the places they take you to. I highly recommend this tour if you are in Key West’s haunted history! Really, you need to go to this one. The tour took us around different parts of the old town area and into some quiet spots which was a nice change of pace. Richard was amazing and weaved stories and local lore into an entertain evening that everyone in our group enjoyed. I recommend this tour to anyone looking for a great night out with a sprinkle of history, ghosts, and a dash of mystery.
Sharon Z., Illinois

John is an AWESOME guide

My friends and I did the walking highlights tour as part of my 40th birthday celebration. We had a very nice time getting a good overview of the major sights and stories of Key West. Our guide’s name was John. He was knowledgeable and enthusiastic and brought the stories to life. We all enjoyed the interesting stories about the people and history of Key West.  Also, John let us pop into the Green Parrot and get a couple of beers for a quick cool off (it was hot).  Truly enjoyed the conch fritters at the end of the tour at the Southernmost House Mansion café.  Also appreciated John’s knowledge and ability to help with so many questions we had – not just about the tour- but about other things to see and places to eat.  He actually helped us arrange my birthday dinner at Santiagos Bodega which was fantastic!  I highly recommend this tour the next time you are in Key West.
Karen, Charlotte, Susan, Keely, Tony, and Beth,  Maryland


Beautiful Day, Beautiful Tour, Beautiful Town- Do this tour!
Our guide for this highlights of Key West tour was Richard.  Richard brought Key West alive for us. He managed to get us in on a last minute tour. He told such great stories. He truly is a wealth of information. We particularly enjoyed his discussions about the hurricanes and their impacts on the history of Key West. We tried his recommendations including Santiago’s Bodega and Garbos Food Truck. Both were great food. If you like history and hearing a great story teller, book this tour with Richard.
Alvin and Suzette C.,  Pennsylvania

Third Time is the Charm, and this Ghost Tour was it!

This Ghosts and Legends tour was my family's third ghost tour in Key West, and it was certainly the most educational, interactive and entertaining. Kelly was a fantastic tour guide who provided us with a wealth of information about the island's past as well as its spirits, and took us to locations that the previous ghost tours did not. The tour was intriguing. We were also given EMF meters to get more hands- with each location we visited.  We made several connections with ghosts. This was a unique experience I'm glad I can say I've been a part of.  Don't miss out!  We were encouraged to take lots of photographs and ended up capturing some pretty interesting evidence in two different locations. 
Jacobson Family,  Colorado

Best Walking Tour We Have Ever Done- ANYWHERE!

This is an excellent way to experience Key West. Our guide John, along with “Oliver” his fun flamingo walking stick, were really knowledgeable about both the history of Key West and modern topics too.  We took the tour off a cruise ship, and we really felt it was a great use of the limited time we had available in Key West. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this tour to anyone.
Kenneth R.,  New York

Very Good Overview of Key West for Us First Timers

We chose to do the Highlights of Key West tour. This tour is a must, it was the highlight of our trip!  This tour was fabulous, we learned so much about the Island, and there were many surprises along the way. I recommend this tour to anyone-whether you've been to Key West before or if you are a first timer. A great overview of this fun but quirky town!
Yancy P.,  Illinois

Never Staying at La Concha least not the 5th floor! :) 

Fantastic ghost tour. There weren't any cheap tricks or silly spooky scares. It was a fun, interactive tour along with some very chilling stories of real ghosts issues.  What fascinated us was how some of these “hauntings” are truly problematic issues – i.e. La Concha hotel and the guest house our guide showed us where the prevalence of ghost encounters has caused serious concerns to the point of the establishments having to take measured to help reduce the haunting issues! I am terrible with names, but our guide was very welcoming of skeptics, true believers, and any of those in the middle.  He did a great job telling us the stories about the hauntings, and as I mentioned, some of the stories were just amazing. Whether you are a believer or not, you learn some fun Key West history, and it is a great way to see Key West by night.  My husband and I really enjoyed it. We would definitely recommend it to our friends.
Evelyn and Bob M.,  Florida

Wonderful way to learn about several of the most historic homes 

Awesome tour, and Richard did an excellent job giving information about the history, architecture, food, and culture, and he kept it very entertaining. Highly recommend for first timer to Key West or to folks who have been coming here for years!  You’ll definitely learn things you didn’t know about the town.
Monica and Bryan L.,  Virginia

Great Tour Guide

Richard was exactly what you hope for when you are booking a walking tour! He was extremely knowledgeable, had many great stories, and he knows everything about Key West.  He took time to take our picture at memorable spots, and we had many laughs along the way! This was the best walking tour we have done, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about Key West history while having a great time!
Susan T. and Vivian R.,  Rhode Island

Fun, Informative, and just a little bit scary

We have been on a lot of ghost tours, and this one was one of the best ones we have taken.  Our guide was friendly, animated and knowledgeable.  We visited some of Key West's most notorious paranormal hot-spots. Great storytelling and history which were all very interesting about the surprisingly scary history of the island. We were given various devices to help find spirits. Even the most skeptical may reconsider the existence of spirits. We, 40 somethings and our college age son enjoyed it. It might be a little scary for younger kids. Great tour and keep an open mind.  
Fontaine Family,  California

Best Walking Tour Ever

Fantastic! This is by far one of the best walking tours I have ever taken. Richard was an expert guide and able to answer just about any question.  His flamingo shaped walking staff was a hoot. The tour included unique attractions a visitor would want to see or know about. The history of Key West and its famous inhabitants, are explained in such a thorough manner that one almost feels as if they have lived it before the tour is over. Even for those who like to explore on their own, and I'm one of those, this tour is a wonderful way to see and learn about the southernmost town of the United States. I couldn't recommend it more strongly.
Sammy L.,  Ohio

Highly Recommend This Tour and John

Our guide, John, was knowledgeable, engaging, and fun. I loved how we visited places off the beaten path and in neighborhoods of Key West I’ve never been. The information was authentic and the trivia about Key West was great.  I appreciated that they keep the group size small.  This made the tour much more engaging for us than another tour we did with a different outfit on a previous visit.  Would certainly recommend this as a good way to spend a couple of hours in Key West.
Paula Y.,  New York


Key West by night!  Fun, creepy, and entertaining
We booked this haunted tour not really knowing what to expect, but this tour was the highlight of our trip to Key West!  Our tour guide, Kelly, was engaging and informative, and my friend and I loved the ghost hunting tools. Much of the tour is spent going over the interesting history behind these Key West haunted landmarks and why they are haunted. Kelly took us to two different spots where she encouraged us to take photos because of the common presence of spirits in the area and the frequency of them being captured on your camera even if you are not seeing them with your own eyes at the moment you take the photo.  It was informative and easygoing. We enjoyed ending the tour at Captain Tony’s bar and having drinks there after the tour.  I can’t believe people build a bar like that over graves and around a tree with so much haunted history. Highly recommend the tour! 
Claudia J.,  Wisconsin

Awesome Tour!
Richard, along with his sidekick Oliver the flamingo, did an excellent job giving information about the history, architecture, food, and culture, and he kept it very entertaining. Highly recommend for first timers to Key West or to folks who have been coming here for years!  You’ll definitely learn things you didn’t know about the town.
Mark M.,  Ontario

Enjoyable, Spooky, Fun - We learned a lot! 
The ghost and legends walking tour was the best thing we did (other than drink as Sloppy Joe’s) on the entire. The tour lasts for approximately 2 hours with very detailed information as well as photos. For anyone looking to have some extra insight into some paranormal investigation or just looking to get out for the night and listen to some fantastic history, I would most certainly advise you to check this out.  You go into several very spooky parts of key west.  The guide was absolutely wonderful and kept us very active with the ghost stories and using the meters he brought to check for the presence of the ghosts. We walked to a street that it is believed to be a portal, and we got several orbs and odd images on our phones and cameras. Even my wife who is a skeptical person enjoyed the time and was happy we did the tour. 
Ben and Connie F.,  Massachusetts 

Ideal Way to See and Learn About Key West

We do walking tours in almost every place we visit. One of the best things about Key West is you can walk just about everywhere, and this tour was ideal for that.  Nice level ground (no steep hills like in Europe!) We walked from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean! There's so much beauty and unusual history in Key West, and you can view and learn it all taking a well-paced walking tour like this one- that's the beauty of Key West.
Hailey and Gus C.,  New York

Great experience! A must-do activity in Key West

Our Historic Homes walking tour was great!  We learned so much about the history of Key West.  Our guide was extremely knowledgeable. He definitely made our tour one of the most interesting things we did.
in Key West. Kudos to you guys!
Barbara L.,  Illinois

Fascinating Info
My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the walking tour with our guide Richard. He made the history of Key West come alive with interesting anecdotes and was patient with all my questions. We will definitely book another tour with hidden key west.
Laura and Mike R.,  Florida

Haunted History and Ghosts!

I always prefer walking tours at night in order to get more personal contact with the locations. You also get the benefit of learning the history of the city. Our guide on this Ghosts and Legends tours brings along extra ghost encountering equipment, which adds to the fun. I've been on many ghost tours in London, Charleston, Chicago, and now Key West. This one had the best results and was the most entertaining.   Highly recommend this ghost tour for anyone interested in the paranormal who doesn't want to just be driven around Key West all night. There is a little bit of walking involved but I don't know anyone who would have a difficult time with it.  I would not recommend this for children under age 12.
Bob and Sherry P.,  Delaware

Authentic Ghost Tour 

The trolley tours with the costumed guides looked silly.  Avoid those and go with this one. We love to enjoy a ghost tour while on vacation.  It's a great way to get a little historical overview of the spooky side of wherever you are visiting. We learned about the history of the location and any paranormal activity associated with the area. We did get some great orbs on our photos and can see why Key West is one of the top 3 haunted places to visit in America.
Rachel C.,  Montana


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